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Latin culture, music, rhythm and dance!

Welcome to Adrélatin Dance Fitness Fusion!

Made to Move!

Be prepared to have more fun than you ever thought possible, with this all new, innovative way to dance and get fit. Simply different from anything you have tried before, Adrélatin is a unique and result-giving programme designed to teach one how to dance to vibrant latin rhythms...the way it is done in South America. You will be taught the skills and technique, under the instruction and guidance of a highly qualified latin dance pro - someone who is latin by birth and who evokes the undeniable beauty of latin culture through his inimitable teaching style, and persona.

At Adrélatin we don't just dance... we dance with our hearts. We dance with passion, with our whole bodies, we explore, we discover, we play, we learn. But most of all, we immerse ourselves in this new form of expression, and ultimately, enjoyment.

So, how do we do this?

Well... Adrélatin Dance Fitness Fusion is an exhilarating cardio work out that fuses the art of dance with fitness technique. It is a pulsating combination of adrenalin and vibrant latin dance, rhythm and vibe.

As one participant explained, "You're so busy having fun, that you forget you're actually working out!" 

Created by César Alvarado, an award-winning singer, dancer and choreographer from Lima Peru, in South America, this original concept was born with a simple goal in mind: 


Adrélatin enthralls with its sheer energy, whilst intensely working core muscle groups. 

César concentrates on introducing participants to a wide variety of Latin rhythms, from the Cuban Salsa, Dominican Merengue and Puerto Rican Pléna to the Brazilian Axé, and many other unusual rhythms from the heart of the Amazon basin and Andean regions - something which has never been done in this country before.

Adrélatin intends to remain officially, at the cutting edge of latin dance and fitness, with César Alvarado being an ambassador for latin culture, rhythm and dance to South Africa.

Upcoming Events

Weekly Latino Dance Fitness Workout Every Wed 7 - 8pm At The Dance JunXion

Adrélatin Dance Fitness Fusion is now in BRYANSTON, every Wednesday from 7 to 8pm at The Dance JunXion, 27 Peter Place, Coachmans Crossing Shopping Centre. 

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