Food Vendor Application


The following food is required for this event:

➤ Authentic Latin American food (finger food, tapas, main dishes, desserts, etc)
➤ Latin-American inspired food (eg: Tex-Mex)
➤ Caribbean cuisine
➤ Spanish cuisine

If you are a vendor supplying these cuisines and or ingredients, you may contact us for vendor opportunities.

➤ We regret no other types of cuisines/foods will be considered for this event.
➤ Please note that food vendor won't be allowed to sell soft drinks nor alcoholic beverages.
➤ In case that the bar is not able to produce specific traditional no alcoholic beverage, vendor may be allowed to produce and sell it at te event.



Vendors selling the following snacks are required:

➤ Candyfloss
➤ Popcorn
➤ Ice cream



The following beverages are required for this event:

➤ Coffee: South and Central American only
➤ Tea: South and Central American only
➤ Bar facilities:

1. Vendor applying to provide this service must have the necessary licences

2. Must be able to produce traditional cocktails and supply Latin American beers

3. Must also sell a range of soft drinks, such as Coca Cola, Fanta, water etc; and if possible, Latin American soft drinks (eg: Inka Cola, Guarana etc)

Interested vendors may contact the Fiesta Latina team for further information on

Applications close on Sunday 30 July 2017.


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