The Benefits

The Benefits

This one of a kind dance fitness class will help you:

1.     Get fit, burn calories and lose weight

2.     Tone your body and strengthen muscles

3.     Learn to dance and improve your dancing ability

4.     Develop and enhance your sense of rhythm

5.     Gain the confidence to dance anywhere, anytime

6.     Increase physical stability and flexibility

7.     Relieve stress and improve concentration

8.     Have a fun cardio workout in a group class

9.     Broaden your social circle

10.  Improve cardiovascular health (heart health)


Some benefits of cardio exercise:

Adrélatin is a fun and invigorating cardio dance workout. Amongst the numerous benefits of regular cardio exercise, one can expect:

·         Improved brain health and functionality by delivering the oxygen and nutrients your brain

          needs to function at maximum efficiency

·         Stronger heart and lungs

·         Reduces risk of heart disease

·         Reduces blood pressure and helps with management of diabetes

·         Increases metabolism, better weight control  and boosts energy levels

·         Reduces stress and promotes better sleep

Upcoming Events

Weekly Latino Dance Fitness Workout Every Wed 7 - 8pm At The Dance JunXion

Adrélatin Dance Fitness Fusion is now in BRYANSTON, every Wednesday from 7 to 8pm at The Dance JunXion, 27 Peter Place, Coachmans Crossing Shopping Centre. 

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Weekly Latino Dance Fitness Classes

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