The Concept

What is it?

Adrélatin is a combination of the words "adrenalin" and "latin."
Adrenalin – because no other word encapsulates the energy of Latin America more appropriately; and...
Latin – because Latin culture, music, rhythm and dance offers more diversity and variety than any other culture on earth.

When we began this journey, two things were certain:
1. We wanted to share our passion for latin music with others; and
2. We wanted people to have fun

This certainty is the cornerstone of what we do. With that in mind, we bring you ADRÉLATIN. Focused on quality and enjoyment for individuals, groups, and corporates, it is simply a new approach to lifestyle and entertainment, with an authentic Latin flavor.

A first for South Africa, Adrélatin offers:

ADRÉLATIN DANCE FITNESS FUSION - An all-new, exhilarating full-body cardio dance workout to vibrant latin rhythms, suitable for everyone – the likes of which has never been done in South Africa before.

The Adrélatin Difference

Adrélatin Dance Fitness Fusion™ addresses fitness on a whole new level by providing more freedom and fun in a cardio dance work out under the guidance of an authentic Latin dance instructor. Participants learn to dance, get fit, and achieve long term benefits, whilst experiencing an absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie burning, body energizing, awe-inspiring dance movements meant to engage and captivate for life. The class is designed and structured to allow anyone to participate, from the fitness fanatic, to someone who just wants to tone or lose weight, from the advanced dancer, to someone who has never danced before. The routines also feature interval training sessions, where fast and slow rhythms (and later resistance training) are used. It teaches people the skills and confidence needed to dance anywhere, anytime, with a partner, or without. Another benefit, is that it provides an amazing mental challenge too, as participants have to concentrate to memorize the sequence of steps, in order to really benefit from the routine. Furthermore, Adrélatin teaches one to distinguish between the different Latin rhythms, whilst learning basic, intermediate, and advanced step variations to each dance and rhythm style. It is a combination of all these components that make this a total and inspirational workout for body, mind and spirit. 

Who is this for?

Adrélatin is for anyone who wants to learn to dance, get fit, tone, lose weight or simply have a fun group cardio session. No previous dance experience is necessary. Class participants range in age from 8 years, to 64 years. Adrélatin also welcomes DEAF participants.

ADRELATIN DEAF DANCE FITNESS - A first for South Africa, if not the world!

The talent behind it

César Alvarado

A former three-time National Dance Champion for the "Marinera Norteña" the national dance of Peru, César is currently the ONLY professional authentic Latino dance instructor in South Africa, having practiced, performed, studied, taught and qualified in all Latin American dance genres in South America. He began his dance career at the age of 10 and owned his own dance academy. He has performed throughout Latin America and parts of Europe, choreographed numerous theatrical productions, and was frequently invited by various embassies to perform abroad. He is skilled in teaching both adults and children the art of dance. In addition, he is also a singer, having fronted a popular boy band in Peru, and is currently the Spanish vocalist for NUEVO LATINO SA, South Africa's premier live Latin band. His passion for the rhythm, vibrance, style and diversity of Latin American dance genres, has been the cornerstone of his career as a choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, singer and entertainer. César is the founder and creator of ADRÉLATIN DANCE FITNESS FUSION™.